Search for an Il-2 attack aircraft near Elnya
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Search for an Il-2 attack aircraft near Elnya

In the Smolensk region, the joint work of the Expeditionary Center of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and the Search Movement of Russia has been completed at the site of the fall of the Il-2 attack aircraft.

In May 2019, the final stage of joint work of specialists of the Expeditionary Center of the Ministry of Defense, military personnel of the engineering troops of the Western Military District, and representatives of the Center for Contemporary History, search engines from the Moscow, Voronezh, and Smolensk regions at the crash site of the Il-2 attack aircraft No. 1876757 was completed in the Glinkovsky district of the Smolensk Region.

During the first stage of work, which began in the summer of 2018 during an international search expedition, the wreckage of an aircraft with factory number 6757 and the remains of two crew members were found. Based on a comprehensive analysis of archival documents of the Central Administrative District of the Russian Federation, the research expert B. V. Davydov found out that on September 4, 1943, the crew of 570 SHAP 231 ShAD did not return from a combat flight from the Buda Staraya area on the plane No. 1876757. The crew included the pilot second Lieutenant Boris Yakovlevich Torbenko and the shooter-radio operator of the guard, Sergeant Gegish Karapetovich Marutyan. When storming the front line of the front, their attack aircraft came under fire from enemy anti-aircraft guns, and after departing from the target, it was attacked by German fighters.

Additionally, the duplicated factory numbers of the aircraft and the engine confirmed the original version of the aircraft’s ownership. The pilot’s brother, Vladimir Yakovlevich Torbenko, and his sons Konstantin and Dmitry were present after the work. They were given the buckles of the parachute system and a commemorative album with photographs of the initial stage of work and archival data.