Search for the MiG-3 fighter pilot Monastyrsky, Naro-Fominsky district
Homeland sky

Search for the MiG-3 fighter pilot Monastyrsky, Naro-Fominsky district

In the Moscow region the crash site of the MIG-3 plane of the navigator of the 28 IAP 6 IAK of the Air Defense of G. F. Monastyrsky, who went missing while protecting the sky of Moscow in 1941, was found.

In winter 2019 to the west of the village of Romanovo in the Narofominsky district of the Moscow region, the participants of the “Homeland sky” project examined the crash site of a Soviet MIG-3 fighter. The group consisted of representatives of the detachments “Nadezhda” (Kolomna), “Boomerang” (Narofominsk), “Fatherland” (Borovsk). Borovsk search engines found the crash site in the summer of 2017. The fieldwork established, that the crash site was excavated in the 1990s. The engine and other large fragments of the aircar were extracted from the funnel. (traces of the barbarically utilized engine for scrap metal were the clear evidence).

As a result of one day’s work the factory numbers of the aircraft 5063 and the number of the M-35 engine No. 30765 were found on the small wreckages of the fighter. Database of military aviation losses, which was conducted by the participants of the project “Homeland sky” and based on documents of the Central Military District of the Russian Federation, regional and private archives, helped to establish:

On the MiG-3 aircraft No. 5063 with the M-35A engine No. 30765, the navigator of the 28 IAP 6 IAK Air Defense, Senior Lieutenant Grigory Fedorovich Monastyrsky, did not return from a combat mission on October 29, 1941.

There was no trace of the remains of the pilot or his personal belongings among the wreckages of the plane. Archive extract confirms this fact: “…In an air battle the MIG-3 plane of Lieutenant Monastyrsky, who jumped out with a parachute, was set on fire… Nothing is known about the state of the MONASTERY…”