Archaeological work

Archaeological work

Specialists of Center for Modern History, in cooperation with leading Russian archaeologists, conduct archaeological work in laboratories and on field trips:

Archaeological exploration – conducting research of archaeological objects on the surface of the earth or under water without excavations or with the implementation of local earthworks (the excavation area is not more than 20 square meters) to identify objects of archaeological heritage, clarify information about them or plan measures to ensure their safety

Archaeological excavations – conducting scientific research with the implementation of earthworks, including the removal of archaeological objects from excavations

Archaeological observations – conducting scientific research of archaeological heritage objects in damaged areas of territories to identify archaeological objects and preserved sections of the cultural layer on them

Rescue archaeological field work – carrying out works on the preservation of archaeological heritage objects with the complete or partial removal of archaeological objects from excavations

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АНО «НИЦ Современной Истории» – приглашает к сотрудничеству всех, кому требуется содействие в реализации проектов, связанных с историей и археологией. Мы будем рады рассмотреть новые проекты и способствовать их реализации.

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